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New Bolt Action Soviet Tank Hunters

Warlord Games have added new 28mm WWII Bolt Action Soviet Tank Hunter figures. Soviet Tank Hunters From their announcement:
To aid our brave comrades in their great struggle against the German Panzers we bring you the Bolt Action Soviet Anti-tank team. Comprising off an infantryman firing a captured Panzerfaust and another firing his anti-tank rifle they are accompanied by a bomb dog and his handler. Yes, bomb dog. Really. This new pack should help you bolster your Bolt Action Soviet force and we're not finished there as we have plenty more on the way for the Red Army. In the meantime have a good look at another tank killer - the Su-76. If that doesn't whet your appetite and heading to the Warlord webstore how about we offer free worldwide shipping for the rest of July? Yes, thought that would persuade you...