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New Bolt Action Soviet T34/85 available

Warlord Games have released a remastered WWII Bolt Action 1:56 scale Soviet T34/85 vehicle kit. T 34/85 From their announcement:
A completely remastered Bolt Action T34/85 is now available. Scourge of the German Panzer divisions, this rugged, no-nonsense tank packed a very real punch. Produced in vast numbers, no serious Soviet player should be without a handful of these. The late version of the classic Soviet T34 tank with the 85mm gun. A tank that could take on the German big cats; solid, fast, reliable and with a gun that was to be feared. The T34 was way ahead of it’s time and the 85 version kept it ahead of the game right until the end of the war. You'll be wanting brave patriotic tank crews to man your new T34 and here they are. Pick up a bunch of T34s and crew now and get them shipping free if ordered by the end of August.