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New Bolt Action Releases Available From Warlord Games

Warlord Games has some new Bolt Action releases available over in their webshop. They've also started taking pre-orders for their next campaign book. This time, they're headed back to the Pacific, specifically the islands of New Guinea. If you're gonna get there, you're gonna need some stout sailors to get you there, as well as some armored vehicles to help you across those beaches.

From the websites:

Our antipodean friends rise to the challenge and step into the jungles of New Guinea in this new and challenging theatre of war!
This book is a long anticipated expansion for Bolt Action, the 28mm scale tabletop wargame set during World War II. Whilst there is historical detail within the narrative, this volume is not a history book – it is first and foremost a wargaming supplement…

The British Royal Navy has a centuries-long distinguished history and a reputation for excellence. During the early 20th century Britannia continued to rule the waves.

Spread around the globe, Royal Navy ships were able to put ashore units of armed sailors as landing parties, shore patrols or in boarding actions against other vessels.

Armed primarily with the reliable Lee Enfield rifle and often supported by a Lewis machine gun, sections of highly disciplined and well-equipped naval ratings with considerable experience of close combat fighting are a fearsome opponent.

Just the right Guy to have next to you in a firefight, the new Guy armoured Car is ready to defend Britain.
The Guy Armoured Car, or Light Tank (Wheeled) Mk I, was designed in 1938 and was the first armoured car with an all-wielded construction. They were armed with two machine guns in a rotating armoured turret.

Ready to provide close range support is the new Beaverette MKIII armoured car!
The Beaverette was a hastily designed stopgap measure that was intended to provide vehicles for the defence of Britain in the event of a German invasion. Instigated by Lord Beaverbrook in 1940, it was simply an oak and steel armoured shell on top of an existing car chassis… yes we did say oak!

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