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New Bolt Action Releases Available From Warlord Games

Not everyone in Britain was against the Germans leading up to WWII (and even during it). Popular culture might say that it was everyone in the world versus the Germans, Italians, and Japanese, but it was not the case. For Bolt Action, Warlord Games has created a figure for Sir Oswald Mosley, someone who thought getting involved in the continental war was not the right thing to do. And then, on the other side of things, they have the British Expeditionary Force Infantry Section, because y'know... the British did fight in WWII.

From the release:

Sir Oswald Mosely and his blackshirts (the BUF) are patrolling the streets of Britain to help the German forces and seek a union between Britain and Germany.

An Anglo-Irish aristocrat, Mosley fought on the Western Front and was later elected to Parliament as the Conservative MP for Harrow on an anti-war policy. He jumped ship to Labour over the use of the infamous Black & Tans in Ireland, then joined the ILP and became a prominent Fabian, eventually starting a new left-wing party which failed in 1931.

The British are equipped with the finest gear and weapons and ready to take on the enemy scourge is the new BEF infantry Section.

This box set contains a metal 10-man section:

NCO with rifle
2-men Bren gun LMG team
7 riflemen

Sir Oswald Mosely Source
British Expeditionary Force Infantry Section Source