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New Bolt Action Releases Available From Warlord Games

The Allies are getting some new bits of firepower. Warlord Games has released a new tank, as well as a new conversion kit for US Airborne troop units. Beat the fascists back and liberate continental Europe from their oppressive regimes.

From the announcements:

The Comet in many ways was an up-rated Cromwell, retaining its low silhouette and improving on both armour and armament. It had more than 4 inches of frontal armour – the same as the much heavier American Pershing tank.

Want to gear up for late 1944 with the new plastics? Need your weapon teams in M-1943 pattern uniform? Look no further than these excellent little conversion packs to bring your Airborne troops bang up to date.

Comet Tank Source
US Airborne Weapons Upgrade Source
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