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New Bolt Action Releases And Pre-orders Available

One of the perhaps less-known parts of WWII was the exploits of the Chindits. These jungle-fighting specialists went into Southeast Asia and deep into enemy territory to harass the enemy's back flanks. They would disrupt support and rail lines with their guerilla-style tactics. You can now add these tough fighters to your Bolt Action armies. Along with that, back in Europe, if you've got a German force, you can order the new Waffen SS Grenadier pack.

From the announcements:

Great Britain’s armies had suffered cruelly at the hands of the ferocious Japanese assaults of 1941 and 1942, leading some to think of the simple Japanese soldier as an invincible foe in the steaming jungles of the Far East.

Brigadier Orde Wingate thought otherwise, organising long penetration columns of British, Indian and Burmese troops to plunge unsupported behind the Japanese lines and raise havoc on the road rail and supply trains.

This box set contains a metal 10-man section:

NCO with rifle
2-man Bren gun LMG team
7 riflemen

Personalise your jungle task force with the new Burmese Scouts, Chindit close quarter fights and wound chindit models!

Using their knowledge and specialist training, these Burmese scouts perform vital reconissance missions and gather important intel.

Tough, lavishly equipped and politically indoctrinated, SS troops formed over 38 divisions and numerous other regimental and battalion-sized units, totalling nearly a million men under arms.

Their armoured units won many plaudits for their actions, and although relationships between regular army units and the Waffen-SS were sometimes strained, most SS units fought ferociously, against great odds until the wars end in Berlin, 1945.

The Waffen-SS was a controversial organisation – their zeal and discipline could not be questioned although their many documented atrocities will perhaps be their greatest legacy.
In the Box:

The brand new plastic frame is packed with superbly sculpted detail, including camouflage on the helmets, loose weaponry and equipment, and even a broom-handled Mauser pistol!

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Burmese Scouts, Chindit close quarter fighters and Wounded Chindit Source
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