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New Bolt Action Releases and Bundles From Warlord Games

It's getting to be summer here in the northern hemisphere, so that means campaigning season. Time to bulk up your forces and take to the field of battle. Warlord Games has a couple things they've got going on for Bolt Action if that's your game system of choice. There's some new Brits., some new Germans, and starter bundle deals.

Starting out, there's a new Panzergrenadier force for the Germans. This set comes with 30 Blitzkrieg German Infantry and 3 Sd.Kfz 251/1 Ausf C half-tracks, as well as bases for the troopers, background and construction sheets, and waterslide decals (for your caffeine hands). All of the figures are in plastic.

To fight off those Germans, the British are getting a new British Airborne section. This is a much smaller set than the Panzergrenadiers, but using sneaky tactics and such... well... it still probably wouldn't be good to just go in with them, but...
Anyway, this set comes with 1 NCO and three soldiers with sub-machine guns, four riflemen, and a 2-man light machine gun team.

Finally, if you're just getting into Bolt Action and want to get an army all in one swoop. If you get a 1,000 point army and the Armies of... book that goes with it, you'll get Order Dice free to go with it.

Or, if you're a rules-hound, you can get all the rulebooks together in one deal and get the special miniature that comes with them in one bundle, too.