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New Bolt Action Pre-Orders Available From Warlord Games

Some new vehicles will be making their way to your Bolt Action tabletops soon. Warlord Games has a couple new skits they're taking orders for. One's the Opel Blitz/Maultier truck. The other is the Australian Matilda MkII tank (inc.CS/Frog flamethrower).

From the announcements:

Providing transport for the German army from the Blitzkrieg and on into Russia comes the new plastic Opel Blitz, that can also be made as the Eastern front workhorse – the Maultier!

Although the Matilda had quickly become obsolete in the European theatre, the heavy armour and proven weaponry were found to be perfect to use against the lightly equipped Japanese.

Opel Blitz/Maultier Source
Australian Matilda MkII tank (inc.CS/Frog flamethrower) Source