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New Bolt Action Panther in zimmerit

Warlord Games have added a 1:56 scale German Panther in zimmerit to their Bolt Action WWII miniature range. Panther in zimmerit From their announcement:
We’ve recently released three different marks of Panther tank – more than enough for most wargamers. Not Warlord Games though – here’s our new Panther ausf A with zimmerit anti-magnetic mine paste. Doesn’t she look a beauty? Your army looks incomplete without at least one of these. This Panther has been coated with Zimmerit, a paste applied to the vehicle after production to add protection from magnetic mines. Ironically the Germans were the largest users of magnetic anti-tank mines and rarely fought against them. It has no anti-magnetic properties of its own but covers the metal of the tank and so doesn’t allow magnetic mines to gain purchase.