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New Bolt Action Kits and Bundles From Warlord Games

Bolt Action has been Warlord Games' flagship game for quite some time now. And a mainstay of the game is the average, American G.I. Well, as often happens, the kit, while good when it came out, has gotten a bit old and stale. And that's why we're getting a new US G.I. Troopers set. Along with that, there's all sorts of bundles and sets to get you and your buddies playing right away.

One of our most popular plastic troop sets for Bolt action, the WWII American Gis, has received a long-awaited facelift. New dynamic poses, better-defined kit, and perhaps most importantly… a Bazooka!


Inspired by the powerful British Churchill Crocodile and their own experiences in the Pacific with other versions of flamethrower tanks the US army ordered some 100 Sherman Crocodile variants from the British, who were recognised as leading the field in Flamethrower technology.

Based on the M4A4 (Sherman V) welded hull the Crocodile retained full operation of its turret and 75mm gun and bow-mounted .30 Cal (7.62mm) machine gun. The flame gun was placed above the Bow Machinegunners hatch. All of the flamethrowing equipment was positioned externally, including the iconic wheeled trailer.


The .30cal was the mainstay MMG of the war and these fantastic new sculpts from the Warlord Studio wonderfully add an extra bit of firepower to the Sarissa MDF Higgins boats in your collection.


The Allies have launched their combined assault onto the dug-in Axis forces. This bundle contains both, the overwhelming might of the US forces dwelling onto the coast of France and the determined defences of the Germans.

This massive set contains:
German Forces:

6 x German Grenadier Sprue
3 x German Weapon Sprue
2 x 25mm round lip bases sprue
1 x German Army HQ Blister Pack
2 x German Heer MG42 HMG Team (1943-45) Blister Pack
1 x German Heer FOO team (1943-45) Blister Pack
1 x German Heer leFH 18/40 10.5cm howitzer (1943-45) Blister Pack
2 x German Heer 81mm medium mortar team (1943-45) Blister Pack
1 x Flak Bunker Box Set
2 x Coastal command bunker
3 x German Heer 75mm PaK 40 anti-tank gun (1943-45) Blister Pack
1 x German Heer 3.7cm Flak-43 AA gun (1943-45) Blister Pack
1 x Kriegsmarine Squad
1 x Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H medium tank plastic box

US Forces:

4 x US Infantry WWII American Gis Plastic Boxset
2 x US Army command Blister pack
1 x US Army Forward Observation Officer Team Blister Pack
1 x LCVP Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel – Higgins Boat
1 x LCVP – Higgins Boat MMG Crew Blister Pack
1 x M4 Sherman medium tank plastic box
2 x US Army 81mm medium mortar blister pack
2 x US Army 30 Cal MMG team firing blister pack
1 x US Army M1 57mm anti-tank gun blister pack


After the success of the Normandy landings, the US Airborne forces engage the German defenders inside the French city of Carentan, re-enact the same engagement with the Battle for Carentan set…


Ferocious and tenacious fighters, both the Allied and Axis forces fought tooth and nail to gain even a yard of ground within the dense undergrowth of the unforgiving Bocage country. Deploying a variety of tactics and holding nothing back, ambushes were all too common. Your enemy can appear at any point, around any corner, from any side, maybe you’ve already passed them…