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New Bolt Action Japanese available for pre-order

Warlord Games is now accepting pre-orders for their latest Bolt Action 28mm WWII Japanese figures. Imperial Japanese From their announcement:
The latest army to join the ranks of the Bolt Action range is the Imperial Japanese Army. Find out more and make sure of yours with a pre-order here. "Banzai." A cry that caused great fear in allied troops during WW2.The Imperial Japanese army were adept in many forms of warfare, and the use of this battlecry was all part of their fierce battle tactics. They were excellent soldiers, with extraordinary willpower and devotion to their country and to their Emperor. Our Imperial Japanese Army boxed set provides you with 20 metal miniatures:
  • Command group (2 officers, radioman and standard bearer)
  • Medium Machine gun team
  • Knee Mortar team
  • Riflemen and LMG teams
  • Also included are full colour devotional rifle banners and battle flags
Get a pre-order in now and you’ll be the first to have them delivered to your door. Buy them before the end of August and what ever you buy will be sent shipping free.