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New Bolt Action Jagdpanther released

Warlord Games have added a 1:56 scale German WWII Jagdpanther vehicle kit to their Bolt Action range. Jagdpanther From their announcement:
Arguably the best all-round tank destroyer of the Second World War, the Jagdpanther is capable of taking out anything the Allies can field. Remind us again why you don’t have one in your army? You can now remedy this problem as we bring you our latest vehicle for the Bolt Action 28mm WWII range. Considered by many to be the best tank destroyer of the war, with it’s 8.8cm cannon, low profile and heavy, sloped armour. The argument over the relative merits of the various tank destroyers to see action during the war will doubtless rage on but you can’t deny it’s one good-looking AFV. Add this lethal tank hunter to your collection during August and we'll send your order postage free.