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New: Bolt Action French Armour

Warlord Games gives the French some extra oomph with the release of a new tank and a new armored car for Bolt Action.


From the release:

French commanders rejoice - we have two new vehicles and a set of new French Tank Crewmen for you!

The first vehicle is the Somua S35 medium cavalry tank.

Widely regarded to be the best tank during the early stages of the war, the Somua S35 had between 40 and 47mm of armour yet still managed to maintain a good level of manoeuvrability. The S35 was armed with a potent 47mm main gun and coaxial machine gun.

The S35 performed admirably during the Battle for France and was only let down by frailties in the French tactical approach to the war. Certainly the Germans were keen to bring the S35 into German service once France had capitulated, the new vehicle being designated Panzerkampfwagen 35-S 739(f).
Italy, Bulgaria and Hungary also received the S35 from captured French stocks.

Next up we have the Panhard 178 armoured car.

The Panhard 178 was an advanced French reconnaissance 4×4 armoured car that was designed for the French Cavalry before World War II. Affectionately known by it’s 4-man crews as ”Pan-Pan”, it was equipped with an effective 25mm main armament and a 7.5mm coaxial machine gun.

In addition to taking part in the conflict in North West Europe during the early stages of the war, the Panhard 178 was also due to see service in North Africa where a desert version was produced (mostly internal differences so effectively the same external look as the European variant). Sadly the advent of the armistice meant none of these were ever shipped to the Western Desert.

Following the Fall of France in 1940, many of these vehicles were taken over by the German forces, under the new designation Panzerspähwagen P204 (f). This makes the new released Panhard 178 a great choice for armies of the Third Reich too…

To crew these two new vehicles we have a set of French Tank Crew. Unusually French tanks had a crew hatch at the rear of the turret rather than the more traditional turret top or cupola mounted hatches and these figures reflect that (easy enough cut them at the waist to pop in the turrets of armoured cars though!).

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