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New Bolt Action Churchill Crocodile

Warlord Games have added a new 1:56 scale WWII Bolt Action Churchill Crocodile vehicle kit to their online store. Churchill Crocodile From their announcement:
Ever since we first showed you the preview of our new Churchill Mk VII model you’ve been asking when we’re going to do a Churchill Crocodile flame-throwing tank. Well, today’s the day you can stop asking. This fearsome vehicle can now be added to you army. The Churchill Crocodile is a Churchill tank but with the hull mounted Besa Heavy Machine Gun replaced with a flame thrower. The fuel for the flame thrower was transported in a six and a half ton trailer towed behind the tank. Containing 400 gallons of fuel this provided enough for eighty one-second bursts of flame with a range of 120 yards. This frightening weapon was often called in by the American army to deal with stubborn defenders so those of you with US forces have provenance for grabbing one yourselves. If you're looking for something a little faster but not as heavily armed and armoured we have the Wasp flamethrower for you. Based on the classic Universal Carrier chassis this little beast was fielded en masse to deal with unyielding defences. There is even worse news for your opponents - we're offering free postage worldwide on any order placed with us during August so there's no reason to hold back.