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New Boer War battle report

TwoFatLardies have posted a new battle report From their website:
An excellent and very interesting game last evening; by Gad, I think they are learning!  This was again an historical refight of a battle that came to be known as Hart’s Hill, a lasting memorial to a truly crazy attack that nearly worked due to the qualities of the Irish soldier.  It is an action that has always fired my imagination as historically the bravery of the troops and the subordinate commanders nearly allowed the British to pull it off, but in a very similar result to the one we achieved they too took and were then obliged to withdraw from Terrace Hill.  In the German Official History of the war one German officer present was quoted saying “one can really only admire these troops who hope in such a way as this to remedy the tactical errors of their leaders”.  And so it was here.  In our refight the British took some dangerous risks with the Inniskillings, advancing much too close to Hedge Hill where the Boers were firing from off-table and where the Boer artillery deployed further back could fire without worrying about the British artillery silencing them.  In the end they did deploy sufficient artillery and a masking force of infantry to counter this, but by then the bulk of the battalion was so shaken that they were unable to press on.
using the in-development version of their Boer War ruleset.