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New Boer War battle report

The TooFatlardies blog has a new post with an After Action Report of a game using their upcoming Boer War rules. From their website:
We played an interesting refight last evening on Lard Island, stimulated by some of the recent debate on web fora such as PMT regarding game and simulation.  One of the things that I felt interesting about those debates was to what degree we allow the gamer the freedom to make his own mistakes rather than shackle him to the historical errors of a real-life commander.  As part of our series of refights from the Ladysmith campaign I had decided not to game the famous action at Spion Kop.  Quite frankly the best way to model that particular action would be to tie the British player to a chair in the corner of the room and let the Boer players throw rocks at him for several hours.  It may replicate the action, but it won’t be much fun.  As a result we moved on a couple of weeks, with our game, set in February 1900, being the British attempt to seize the Vaal Krantz ridge to the south east of Spion Kop in their third attempt to break through the Boer positions on the Tugela River in order to relieve Ladysmith.