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New Blood Bowl Team, Nurgle Daemon Prince Available To Order From Forge World

Over the next three days, high school, then college, and then pro football players will be hitting the gridiron to see who is the best. I'm sure that there are many of you out there that will also be hitting the tabletop gridiron to prove much the same in games of Blood Bowl, as well as games of 40k. Well, Forge World is here to bring you a new team, as well as a new Nurgle Daemon Prince to bolsters your forces.

From the releases:

Disorganised but deadly, The Mongrel Horde is a unique Blood Bowl team – the only Chaos Renegades to field a Troll, Minotaur and Ogre at the same time! Should you want to field them – and there are lots of good reasons for doing so – this is the bundle for you, including as it does:

- A box of 12 Reikland Reivers (use the extra Catchers, Throwers and Blitzers as additional Linemen);
- A box of 4 Blood Bowl Goblins;
- A Blood Bowl Troll;
- A Blood Bowl Ogre;
- A Blood Bowl Minotaur;
- A set of Chaos Renegades Team Coins And Tokens.

This bloated mound of putrescent flesh represents Mamon Transfigured, Fel Icon of the Tainted, featuring as it does a fist of decay and contagion spray but can also be used to represent your own Daemon Princes and Greater Daemons. The Daemonic Herald of Nurgle, a distorted, slug-like figure with rusted augmetics can also easily be used in a variety of roles such as a Chaos Sorcerer or Nurgle spawn. The Nurgle Daemon Prince & Herald is a complete resin kit.