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New Blood Bowl Team, Automata Available To Order From Forge World

Once again, we've got two very distinctly different releases available from Forge World on the same day. Whether you're looking for a new Blood Bowl team to put onto the pitch or some giant battle robots, they've got you covered.

From the website:

The Bright Crusaders could be a truly great Blood Bowl team, if it wasn’t for one serious handicap – they never, ever, cheat! While other teams are preparing for the match by bribing referees, the Bright Crusaders are performing charity matches – a fact that will stop them winning a major tournament until they shape up and learn to play dirty!

Never ones to squander their Legion’s ranks in bloody attrition or vainglorious frontal assaults, the Thousand Sons Legion, and indeed their Primarch, had long acknowledged the usefulness of the unliving might of Battle-automata as obedient, resilient and ultimately expendable shock assault units. As with every other facet of warfare, the use of such Battle-automata was something the Thousand Sons believed they could improve upon with the application of their psychic arts as a method of control and perhaps direct augmentation, freeing them potentially from the need for the techno-arcane lore of the Mechanicum to be directly called up in these machines’ construction and fielding.