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New Blood Bowl, 40k, Lord of the Rings Releases Available From Forge World

A bit of a scatter-shot set of new releases from Forge World this week. There's some new pieces for Blood Bowl. You've got some new bits for your 40k armies. And there's a new unit for The Hobbit. Pretty much all we're missing is an Age of Sigmar release.

Starting out with Blood Bowl (since it's really the new kid back out on the block), they've got a pair of referee models. How a goblin and a halfling are able to get the bigger players to listen to them if they foul out, I'll never know. But there they are, doing their best to maintain order among all the chaos. For 40k players, there's a bunch of new bits available. For the Ultramarines players in the audience, they have the Praetorian Breacher Shields, available both separately and as a full unit of guys. Night Lords players get Nostraman Chainglaves. Sorry, no unit option here. Deredo Dreadnaughts get a new piece of equipment in the form of the Arachnus Heavy Laser Cannon Battery. Here, once again, you can get just the new pieces or a complete dreadnaught. Finally, there's the Gundabad Berserkers for The Hobbit. Haven't seen much out of Forge World for the LotR games in a while.

All of these are available to order now.