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New Blood Angels Terminators for Pre-Order

Games Workshop has some new models up for pre-sale on their website. This time it's Blood Angel Terminators and a Blood Angels Termiantor Librarian (feel free to call him Conan).
It's interesting how the Terminator suits have evolved over time. Back when I played, they were just slightly bigger than a regular marine and still on a 25mm base. It wasn't until the Grey Knights came out that we got the 40mm Terminator bases. Those things were awesome (and expensive!). I've seen the plastic ones they've come out more recently. I was surprised to see that the scale went back down a little bit from those original pewter ones (on the 40mm). I was kinda sad about that.


From the website:

For the Librarian:
The psykers of the Blood Angels are also steely warriors easily as capable as their battle-brothers. Their powers make them living weapons with the ability to exsanguinate foes at a glance, glean fragments of future events, or swoop across the battlefield on spectral golden wings.

This 9-piece plastic kit makes a Blood Angels Librarian in Terminator Armour armed with a force axe and combi-melta. It comes supplied with a 40mm round base.

For the squad:

Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squads take on the most vital of missions - facing down enemy elites, striking at mighty warlords, or hunting down super-heavy tanks and towering monsters.

This 76-piece kit contains everything you need to make a 5 man Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad armed with either lightning claws or thunder hammer and storm shield. There are 5 pairs of Lightning Claws, each with matching details on the gauntlets. Each thunder hammer and storm shield features a unique design, whilst the Sergeant’s storm shield is easily identified as it’s the largest in the box. There are 5 Crux Terminatus shoulder pads designed to fit on the left shoulders, and 8 unique shoulder pads featuring Blood Angels iconography for the right shoulders. A choice of 12 tilting plates can fit on the front of the shoulder pads. Four of the torso fronts come with helmeted heads sculpted into them while the fifth has the option for one of the 5 spare heads in the set to be added. In addition to this, one model can be assembled as the Company Standard bearer and there’s even a teleport homing device included.

Also included are 5 x 40mm round bases and a 25mm round base.