New Blitzkrieg pricing details and articles

Battlefront have posted pricing and details for several Flames of War Blitzkrieg army deals and also posted several new articles related to the new ruleset.

Army Deals

British Forces In Blitzkrieg
The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) shone was its quality. Every single division was motorised, and many of the battalions were made up of professional soldiers unlike their allies and enemies who were all conscripts.

More Army Deals
We take a look at some more Army Deals that will be available once Blitzkrieg has been released. On this occasion we present the Polish Tank Company (Kompania Czołgów) and the British Infantry Company for your viewing pleasure.

Staff Early War Armies: Kyran’s British Infantry Tank Company
Matilda Senior’s are the Tigers of Early War, with a front armour of 7 and a side armour of 6 most anti-tank weapons will just bounce harmlessly off the hull. Armed with the reliable ROF 3, 2pdr gun and a hull MG the Matilda is more then a match for Fritz’s tanks.