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New Blackwater Gulch Releases & Mechadrome Progress

Gangfight Games has some news for both Mechadrome and Blackwater Gulch. There's new pretties to look at and new minis to buy. Take a look.


From the news post:

Game Salute is now releasing the new sets from the Rebels & Reinforcements campaign for retail. It took a lot longer than they expected to get all of the sets packed up and boxes printed. They are planning to release 1 new starter set and 2 hired guns each month. The Widowmakers, Kurt Wyatt and Dr Kilmer are now available!

Click here to order the minis direct from Game Salute's online store, and you can preorder everything else there too. Or, if you'd like to find a store that stocks or can order Blackwater Gulch miniatures, visit!

We are chugging along getting Mechadrome ready for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. I'm expecting to launch the campaign in about 2 weeks. Right now I'm just waiting on some metal master figures to arrive so I can paint them up. In the meantime, check out these new pics. First we have the 3D prints from the Terran Light Mechs, followed by a screenshot of the first draft of the Terran Medium which still needs a lot of detail work, but you can get the idea where it's going. The last shot is a size comparison with the light mechs.