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New Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter Launched

Gangfight Games launched a new Kickstarter in order to fund the next expansion for Blackwater Gulch.

From the campaign:

Blackwater Gulch is a tabletop skirmish game based on the Wild West. We launched our first successful Kickstarter campaign for the game back in March. Now that the models we produced are about to be shipped to previous backers, we are launching this new campaign, Rebels & Reinforcements, to fund even more miniatures! We have several all new gangs planned, along with new 3-man “Support Packs” that will expand upon our existing gangs. We're also offering lots of new bonus figures, custom dice, laser cut building kits and more!

For more information on all of the new models and other goodies we have planned, please visit the Kickstarter campaign page.