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New Blackwater Gulch concept art

Gangfight Games had that rather successful Kickstarter, if you'll remember, and one of the pledge levels was that you could help make up the concept for a model. Well, here's what they've got going on so far in that front.

From the update:

Just wanted to share some new concept art. These are for characters that were created by high level Kickstarter backers and will be released after the first 4 starter sets (haven’t started sculpting yet).

Speaking of sculpting, we’re still waiting on the final 3 sculpts for the Vigilance Committee and then the first 4 starter sets will be done. We’re working out packaging and all that stuff right now, so I’ll have more details soon. I had hoped to have the first starter set for the Clancy Gang done this month, but there were a lot of delays. Plus, the custom dice and building kits for the Kickstarter backers haven’t arrived yet anyway.

So, here’s the first 4 new characters. I’ll show off the next 4 in a couple of days