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New Black Powder Releases Available From Warlord Games

Warlord Games is letting you British players bulk up your forces a bit with a trio of new releases for Black Powder. There's a new Highland Regiment, a British Household Brigade, and a British Union Brigade. Because who likes having to wear pants or walk to battle?

From the releases:

The glorious tones of the pipes can be heard as the new Highlanders Regiment march to war fully prepared to beat Napoleons forces back to France.

This box contains:

20 metal British Highlander Line Infantry.
4 metal command miniatures: officer, piper and two ensigns with wire flagpoles and finials.
Background guide including six full-colour flags.

The British have had enough of Napoleons warmongering, Parliament have decided to send the new British Household Bridage to finally deal with him.

This box will allow you to make a unit of 12 cavalrymen of the Horse Guards or either of the Lifeguards regiments.

“Trumpeter, sound the advance!”


12 plastic British Household Brigade heavy cavalry.
1 metal officer miniature.
Metal bugler arm.
Background leaflet.

The new British Union brigade are Britain’s finest and they know it, they’re ready to fight and die for their king and country.

This set allows you to build any of the three regiments in the Union Brigade as well as headgear options for the Peninsular campaign.

“Trumpeter! Sound the charge!”


12 plastic British Union Brigade heavy cavalry.
2 metal command miniatures (officer and trumpeter).
Includes options for bearskin, oilskin-covered bearskin, Grecian helmet, oilskin-covered Grecian helmet, bicorne, and watering cap.
Background leaflet.

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