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New bitz available from Mega Miniatures

Mega Miniatures has a bunch of new weapons, vehicle parts and more available in their August update to their parts store.

These are the second offerings of our new Parts Shop. Items are only available in our shopping cart store and I will be adding more weapons, chassis, wheels, tracks, etc. in the near future. See item description in store for size, details, and compatibility.

MEM-55000i Robotic Arm Long $2.50
MEM-55000J Robotic Arm Medium $2.00
MEM-55000K Exhaust Pipe $1.00
MEM-55000L Medium Rubber Tires $2.00
MEM-55000M Small Rubber Tires $1.50
MEM-55000N Medium Robotic Feet $2.00
MEM-55000P Medium Tracks $4.00
MEM-55000Q Chassis Version I $2.50
MEM-55000R Robotic Grabber Arm Right $4.00
MEM-55000S Robotic Grabber Arm Left $4.00
MEM-55000T Robotic Claws Large $3.00
MEM-55000U Robot Humanoid Legs $1.50