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New Big Monsters Coming For Kings of War

Big models are my favorite type of models. And Kings of War is getting a quartet of new huge minis players can add to their forces. Mantic is taking orders for these figures. And if you want to make a whole army around these centerpieces (being in the center, as they often are), they've got some bundle deals for doing just that as well.

From the announcement:

This month sees the release of 4 new monsters for the battlefields of Kings of War! Factions from the Brotherhood to the Forces of the Abyss are reinforced with these stunning miniatures, making now a great time to get into Kings of War!

If you were thinking of starting a new army based on one of these monstrosities, we've put together some great bundles which include a monster and an Army set or Mega Army set for an appropriate faction, with a discount versus purchasing separately!