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New Beyond the Gates of Antares Releases From Warlord Games

Monday morning and we're headed for the stars. Warlord Games has a couple of new releases available for Beyond the Gates of Antares over in their webshop. You've got a Freeborn NuHu Renegade Meld as well as a Ghar Outcast Rebel Creeper.

The new NuHu Renegade Meld comes in both male and female figures (nice to see more of those sorts of options being available for gamers). They use their considerable mental abilities to meld with other minds during combat, increasing the effectiveness of everyone (at the risk of losing their own personality in the process). Meanwhile, the Ghar Outcast Rebel Creeper is a walking gun platform. It's generally cobbled together from whatever alien tech that is laying around after a battle. But hey, it works. So that's a bonus.

You can order these sets now in the Warlord Games webshop.

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