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New Beyond the Gates of Antares Releases Available From Warlord Games

Beyond the Gates of Antares lets Warlord Games, who usually does a lot of historical miniatures, let their hair down a bit, so to speak, and do something really out-there with sci-fi weaponry and vehicles. In this case, there's a new Concord C3D2 Medium Support Drone, as well as a pair of heavy weapon crews for the Freeborn.

The Concord have deployed the new C3D2 medium support drone with plasma light support onto the battlefield!

The D2 medium support drone is a more heavily built vehicle than the D1 and eminently suitable as a weapons carrier. Its composite shell provides excellent all-round protection and carries a highly effective kinetic shield.


The Freeborn outfit their support teams with the new plasma cannon and fractal cannon.

The plasma cannon is the hardest hitting light support weapon available to any force in Antarean space and frequently used to arm ‘Hunter’ type weapon drones. The plasma cannon is the ultimate light support weapon. It is calibrated to deliver a single very strong pulse, for which an especially long plasma coil is required. All plasma weapons have a defect inherent in plasma coils in that they gradually weaken over time.

Fractal weapons are primarily used for attacking static defences. They are relatively specialist weapons found in the arsenals of most Antarean forces but reserved for urban warfare where they are supremely useful. Fractal weapons utilise molecular resonance to break apart solid material.