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New Beyond the Gates of Antares Releases Available From Warlord Games

Warlord Games is making their way through their 10th year as a company. They've come a long way since they started out. One of their more-recent games is Beyond the Gates of Antares. We're seeing regular releases for the game, and now that their website's articles are starting to flow again (after a nasty cyber attack rendered them unusable for a while), we're seeing the new releases coming to their shop.

The plasma bombard is an accurate and extremely powerful weapon designed for taking out large targets such as combat drones and vehicles. Its multiple plasma coils are aligned to produce a single pulse of energy over a long range. Its highly concentrated energy bolt is so powerful that the weapon’s coils are set to shut down if it becomes dangerously overheated, a phenomenon known as ‘plasma fade’. Though second to none as a long range single-shot killer of heavily armoured targets, it is vulnerable to close assault, and most effectively employed where it can exploit its range and fire-power against distant targets.


The Algoryn Vector formations comprise the prime fighting establishment of the Algoryn Prosperate. They are rightly feared and respected as one of the most potent armed forces in all Antarean space. Armoured Infantry (AI) units form the core of all Vector formations. AI troopers are protected by flexible all-enclosing enviro-armoured suits. They are equipped with a full array of personal sensors and a standard interface with their unit’s combat shard. AI Command Squads carry enhanced sensors and communications equipment that enables them to coordinate the actions of several squads as part of their command shard.