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New Beyond the Gates of Antares Release and Free Rules Download From Warlord Games

It's a two-fer of Beyond the Gates of Antares news bits today. The first is that there's a new Boromite Hauler available over in the Warlord Games Webshop. The other is that they've posted up a free download of the rules. This primer, called Antares Base One, will give you the rules overview, as well as a look at the different force lists available. If you've been thinking of checking out the game, but wanted to see how it all works first, this is the perfect opportunity for that.

Haulers are general utility vehicles and whilst they are not produced to a set design or pattern they always have a size and broad appearance that is dictated by practicality. Because they are living and work spaces as well as fighting machines they tend to be relatively bulky.


A free rulebook?


Just released is a free, new version of the Beyond the Gates of Antares rulebook, called ‘Antares Base One’. This covers the basic rules and forces (well, a bit more than the basic) in an easy to follow format. The games designer, Rick Priestley, produced this set as a taster for the full game and as an accessible introduction to the Antares game system as a whole.