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New Battlefield in a Box terrain release

Gale Force 9 have released a new Battlefield in a Box terrain release. The Grand Vestibule From their announcement:
Behold the faded majesty of The Grand Vestibule, the centerpiece of GF9’s Hall of Heroes collection for our Battlefield in a Box series of pre-painted terrain pieces. The Hall of Heroes series features circular ruins that may have once been part of a grand acropolis, tower or rotunda. These pieces look fantastic on their own, but together can be used to suggest a larger structure or multiple towers. These pieces are also perfect complements to our Gothic Ruins collection and together can create a war-ravaged cityscape or the remains of a mighty fortress. Hall of Heroes: The Grand Vestibule is the massive ruined entrance section of a circular tower or acropolis. From end to end the remnant is just over 11 inches wide and is 10 inches high at its tallest point. The two story structure opens out onto a small balcony above the doorway. The balcony is about 3 ½ inches wide; perfect for models who demand a commanding view of the battlefield. The windows of the ruin are great for taking cover, while still affording defenders a wide field of fire.
Battlefield in a Box is GF9’s fantastic looking and affordable pre-painted terrain series for miniature wargaming. Each set is ready to use right out of the box and will make your tabletop battles look great. The sets are also designed so that ambitious modelers can embellish or even repaint the terrain to suit their needs. The Grand Vestibule retails for $50 USD and can be found the better hobby & game stores worldwide. This large terrain fixture is also available on the GF9 Online Store.