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New Battle Servitors On Pre-Order From Games Workshop

Rolling across the battlefield on tank treads instead of legs, and essentially devoid of anything left that makes them human (except for a few scraps of flesh over some metal frames... which makes me wonder why bother with that bit anyway, but I'm not a Tech Priest), the Battle Servitors wage endless war in the name of the Emperor of Man. Games Workshop has started taking pre-orders for these kits over in their webshop.

As with many GW kits, these come with dozens of options. There's different heads you can use, and a plethora of weapon swaps. There's over 24 different ways you could potentially arm them. A veritable smorgasbord of options. The models can be made as either Destroyers or Breachers, depending on how you feel that day. They're mounted on 60mm bases.