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New BaneLord Release From Maelstrom Games

Maelstrom Games previews a new BaneLord, Vilthiss:

From their website:

The first Monday of February means… BaneLords day, and have we got a superb miniature for you! The artwork has been drawn by the superb Christophe Madura and his fellow countryman Stéphane Simon has realised that concept beautifully, if such a nasty-looking brute could ever be called that. Vilthiss is the first of our Gorgonars, snake-men, of which there will be plenty for the Khthones in the future for they make up the bulk of their warbands used by Ophius. He’s a big ‘un, as you can see from the scale shot, and Stéphane’s already working on Svrill. Expect more Gorgonars throughout 2012!