New Baccus previews

Baccus have posted photos of several new 6mm Viking and Russian Napoleonic miniatures.

Viking Axemen

From their website:

It’s been a while since the last update. Guess what? It’s STILL bloody cold here in Sheffield! Even the water pipes have frozen sold at Baccus HQ. I am told that there’s yet more snow on the way and all of this white stuff has had an effect on delivery times. If you are waiting for a parcel, it is probably caught in a backlog somwhere in Royal Mail’s system. Overseas orders should not be as badly affected with only the odd airport closure or extreme weather conditions in the receiving country to worry about

However, it does remind us all that Christmas is nearly upon us to bring a smile to our lips, a spring to our steps and a terminal convulsion to our credit cards. With all that in mind I thought I’d give you present of yet more things to look forward to early in 2011.

Firstly here’s some more of the forthcoming Vikings in the form of some Axemen and some Archers.

Fast forwarding a few hundred years but without an improvement in climatic conditions, have a look at yet more of the Napoleonic Russian resculpts.