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New Australians and Papuan Releases Available To Order For Bolt Action

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!
In the Pacific, the fight for New Guinea is ramping up. The Australians and the Papuans are ready to fight against the Japanese. You can bring that to your Bolt Action tabletops with all these new units available to order now.

From the announcements:

Leading the Australian forces into the heart of the enemy is the new Australian Officer team, with support from the new flamethrower, light mortar and sniper teams.

Many Australian officers who commanded militia units in the far flung corners of New Guinea and its surrounding islands were veterans of World War I but had spent decades in civilian trades. By 1943, most officers were either AIF veterans of the campaigns in the Middle East and North Africa or hard-pressed militiamen who had learned their trade on the front lines in New Guinea.

In early 1943, the Australian Army reorganised its militia and Australian Imperial Force divisions into a lighter version of the standard British Army organisation.

These new Jungle Divisions, had vastly more short-ranged firepower, 981 SMGs as to the previous 400, for instance. The lack of roads or open terrain saw the men of now unnecessary support, transport and anti-aircraft units reassigned to the rifle platoons. The number of field engineers was doubled to overcome the thousands of rivers needing to be crossed and to deal with Japanese booby traps.

The militia was trained and equipped to a lesser degree than their regular counterparts in the Australian Imperial Force and only allowed to be deployed within Australia and its mandated territories. This led to the AIF’s derogatory nickname of Chockos, for the militia – chocolate soldiers who would melt in the heat of battle. There was little love lost between the formations although by war’s end a mutual respect was earned.

These were local men recruited in New Guinea and led by Australian officers and senior NCOs. They were superb jungle fighters who, being local men, were particularly good at reconnaissance. They were also almost impossible to ambush. They fought from the Kokoda campaign right through to end of the war against Imperial Japan.

Setting up within the dense Pacific forests are the new Australian medium mortar team and medium machine gun team.

Providing support to the Australian ground troops is the new short 25-pdr and the PIAT and anti-tank rifle teams.

Australian Officer Team + flamethrower, light mortar and sniper teams Source
Australian Jungle Division infantry section Source
Australian Militia infantry section (Pacific) Source
Papuan Infantry Battalion section (Pacific) Source
Australian medium mortar team + Australian MMG team Source
Australian short 25-pdr (Pacific) + PIAT and anti-tank rifle teams (Pacific) Source