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New Aurochs available from Eureka Miniatures

Eureka Miniatures has some new Aurochs cattle available over in their webshop.
I've had some friends looking for livestock minis lately, hope this helps 'em out.


From the website:

For centuries a man's wealth was measured in cattle. Owning the biggest herd as well as the strongest bull was the Old World's equivalent to owning a trophy wife and a red Ferrari. Paupers that we are and facing that mid-life crisis, we commissioned Alan Marsh to make the finest cattle known to Europeans, sized for 28mm figures.

The aurochs are the ancestors of all current cattle breeds, but bigger, meaner and smarter. They were highly prized in Roman gladiatorial combat as well as by Rome's tribal enemies. I myself am using them for Bronze Age Crete as well as for SAGA dark age cattle raids and a skirmish based on the Cattle Raid Of Cooley using our Cu Chulain figure.