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New Assassin and Rats for Freebooter's Fate

Freebooter Miniatures gives us a look at their September releases for Freebooter's Fate.

From the preview:

Our new releases for September could not be more different from each other.

On the one hand there is grace, beauty and the seductive touch of the mysterious – and on the other hand there is Adombra.

Just kidding. We’re talking about Adombra (ASS 014), of course. Unless you really, really like small, furry rodents. Adombra provides the Brotherhood with a desperately needed specialist for ranged attacks. Her crossbow quarrels can strike down the Brotherhood’s foes swiftly and silently where the traditional daggers just cannot reach.

The other part of the releases consists of a dirty pack of sometimes cute, sometimes nasty little rats (ZUB 006). These vermin creatures can be used as counters for the Rat Hunt scenario or to beef up Fidanzata’s rat swarms or to bring some beauty to your bases and terrain. Well, to bring rats to it, anyway. There are 14 different rat designs and 21 randomly assorted little rodent bodies will be included in the blister pack – the ideal number for going hunting for rats in October.

Both products are scheduled to be released in week 37.