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New artillery releases from Forged in Battle

Forged in Battle brought you that giant-ass tank recently. Well, now here's some guns to help maybe try and take it out.

From the announcement:

Hi Everyone,

This month Forged in Battle is going off with a big bang!!! Newly released are the eagerly awaited anti-tank, heavy and medium artillery.

Code Description Contents SRP
G-68 German 3.7cm Pak36 A/T gun 3x 3.7cm Pak36 AT guns & Crew £9.75
G-69 German 5cm Pak38 A/T gun 2x 5cm Pak38 AT guns & Crew £9.75
G-70 German 7.5cm Pak97/38 A/T gun 2x 7.5cm Pak97/38 AT guns & Crew £9.75
G-75 German 10.5cm leFH18 field gun 2x 10.5cm leFH18 guns & Crew £9.75
G-76 German 15cm sFH18 field gun 2x 15cm sFH18 guns & Crew £13.00
G-77 German 15cm Nebelwerfer 3x 15cm Nebelwerfers & Crew £9.75
G-78 German 21cm Nebelwerfer 3x 21cm Nebelwerfers & Crew £9.75
R-71 Russian 76mm m43 regimental gun 3x 76mm m43 regt. guns & Crew £9.75
R-75 Russian 45mm A/T gun 3x 45mm AT guns & Crew £9.75
B-66 British 17pdr A/T gun 2x 17pdr guns & Crew £9.75