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New articles for Flames of War

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles and product spotlights. Articles Pimp Your Bunker IV: Adding the Finishing Touches I booked plenty of time this week to get the bunker to its final state! I've added a few things to finish out the piece. Corrivalry 2011 The field for Corrivalry 2011 turned out to be the largest ever for a Flames Of War tournament in the United Kingdom to date. 74 players including Matt Sulley and Anders Johansson from the Battlefront UK office fought their way through the horde of players but still had enough time between games to take some photos to record this historical event. Painting The Brave: Polish Armoured Train Camouflage As promised in Wargames Illustrated 281, Victor has kindly shared the process and research he conducted in order to paint the Polish Armoured Train. Spotlights Sd Kfz 250 Aufklärungs Platoon (GBX40) The Sd Kfz 250 Leichte Schützenpanzerwagen resulted from requirements in the 1930s by the German Army for a half-track that could carry a Halbgruppe (a half-group of 4-5 men) on a motorised reconnaissance missions. The resulting vehicle was developed by Demag AG, based on a modified Demag D7 tractor chassis (Sd Kfz 10). Panzer IV/70 (A) (GE110) The Panzer IV/70 tank was derived from the Jagdpanzer IV tank-hunter. The Jagdpanzer IV was designed as a replacement for the StuG G and StuG IV. It became known as Guderian’s Duck after General Heinz Guderian objected to its introduction. He felt that the StuG assault guns were more than adequate and production resources were better spent on Panzer IV tanks. Gun Pits Log Emplacements (BB119) The Gun Pits Log Emplacements box set contains 2 sets of tabletop-ready Gun Pit markers, suitable for use with any army on the Eastern or Western Front. When placed together, the markers provide enough room to encase a large Flames Of War base. Gun Pits Sandbags (BB120) These markers are ideal for showing which of your guns are in gun pits. Gun Pits provide Concealment and Bulletproof Cover, keeping them in action and supporting your troops.