New articles and spotlights for Flames of War

Battlefront have posted several new Flames of War articles and product spotlights.

What’s in Stalin’s Europe?
Its late 1944 and Stalin’s Red Army is once more on the rampage. First hit is Romania which quickly surrenders and swaps sides in the hope that Stalin will treat them kindly. Then Stalin’s three massive armies turn on Hungary which is desperately being defended by six German and Hungarian armies.

Wayne’s Hungarians
I was pretty excited to work on Stalin’s Europe. The Hungarians are one of my favourite armies of the war and I wanted to add some of their interestingly unique forces to the book. One of these forces is the Rohamágyús Üteg (assault gun battery, pronounced ro-ham-ar-goose ew-teg). These forces were created in 1943 to provide the infantry divisions with armoured support. Eventually they ended up fighting with the armoured divisions
as well and were used wherever some armoured forces were needed.

The Road To Rome: Italian Campaign 1943-1944
The war in Italy generates as many different opinions as there were armies that fought in it. Though the stated gains of the Italian Campaign, ‘forcing German divisions into Italy away from the Allied Landings in Normandy’, has proven to be sufficient, there have been many political, military, and strategic opinions surrounding the campaign. So much so, that the truth has been lost in the rhetoric. But after all is said and done, the real truth of the Italian campaign can be found in the individual stories of the multi-national forces that fought over the hills, valleys, beaches, and rivers of Italy.

Early War Staff Armies: Mike Haught’s Escadron de Reconnaissance Revisited
We continue our feature on the Battlefront staff members Early-war armies by revisiting Mike’s Escadron de Reconnaissance.

Staff Armies at the New Zealand Grand Tournament
With the New Zealand Late-war Grand tournament being held this weekend, we take a look at some of the armies being fielded by the participating Battlefront staff members.

Useful Early War Downloads
To help ease you into Early-war, we’ve provided a number of useful downloads to help make life and little easier.

2nd Armored Division During Operation Cobra
This week Tom stays in Normandy and shares his 2nd Armored Division from the book Cobra: The Normandy Breakout.

Product Spotlights
Das Book (FW218)
Das Book is the Flames Of War field manual for the consummate WWII general. With all the tools and tactics you need to play a one on one engagement with a friend or enter the tournament arena and destroy your opponent’s forces. Know your enemies strengths and weaknesses, understand the missions and objectives, learn how to use the terrain and fortifications of the battlefield to your armies best advantage.

The Art Of War Paint Set (UPB01)
The Art of War paint set contains the ultimate collection of colours for the avid World War II painter. With 72 acrylic colours to choose from you can recreate any of the colour schemes used by the Axis and Allied forces throughout the war.

Polish Token Set (TK020)
A must have for anyone building a Polish army for Early-war.

French Token Set (TK021)
A must have for anyone building a French army for Early-war.

British and Commonwealth Decals (BR945)
The British and Commonwealth Decal set contains four decal sheets, everything you need to for your Early-war British force.