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New Arthurian Releases Available For Hail Caesar From Warlord Games

Warlord Games takes us back to the mythical time of King Arthur with another batch of releases for Hail Caesar. These new sets help you fill out your forces, with various unarmoured Saxons, as well as Royal Anglican Huscarls. So whether you want just your common soldier, or some with well-main chain and better weapons, they've got you covered.

Charging toward your enemies flank is the new Arthurian Unarmoured Saxon Infantry.

With a mixture of short swords, spears and shields, these unarmoured infantry fair the best when assaulting a flank.


These free men are taking up a weapon to fight their enemies and defend their loved ones, the new Saxon Ceorls stand ready.

A Ceorl (Churl) was a free peasant (a class of people that formed the basis of society in Anglo-Saxon England) and a member of a peasant elite. Those few ceorls who prospered could attain the rank of Thane (lord), effectively making them a baron or knight after the Norman Conquest


Stand in battle alongside your heroic characters and battle to the death. The Huscarl is the bodyguard for your Warlord in battle
Highly trained and utilising the best equipment available, these swordsmen are skilled fighters able to stand ready against whatever the enemy will throw at them.