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New Army Transport and Storage trays from Sally 4th

Sally 4th has some new army transport and storage trays available over on their website.

From the announcement:

Sally 4th Warchests

The Warchest has been designed as a mix and match system, so that you buy just what you need for your personal needs. The system is made up of boxes, lids and inlays. Size 245mm x 183mm

Boxes – The boxes are designed with a lip to make them easy to lift and can be used as a stand alone system or fit into IKEA wooden drawers. Boxes are available in 3 heights.

1. 50mm high. Great for 6mm Figures and 10mm/15mm/20mm Infantry.
2. 75mm high Great for 10mm/15mm Cavalry
3 100 mm high Great for 28mm Figures

Lids – These have been designed with a deep lip above and below to facilitate safe and efficient stacking and so that the lid can be used as a mini tray to carry figures to the games table and put casualties on during the game.

Inlays – Available in 2mm & 3mm MDF. Glue them to bottom of the box to protect miniatures from movement related damage.

1 15mm diameter bases x 140
2 1p bases x 70
3 20mm bases x 70
4 2p bases x 48
5 Round GW style bases x 48
6 Warmaster Units x 12
7 FOW Medium bases x 18 & 4 small
8 FOW Large bases x 9 & 4 small