New Army Painter primer and special offer

The Army Painter have announced the release of their Dragon Red primer and a special deal on their Quickshade tones.

From their announcement:

Dragon Red Colour Primer
Finally the Dragon Red (or Angel Red as some people like to call it) Colour Primer has arrived.

A deep red, perfect for Daemons of Khorne, Warmachine Khador and especially the new GW Blood Angels. Surprise your opponent and get an army ready in a few days.

But it does not stop here. The colour is great as an undercoat for any army and is a great alternative to the current Pure Red Colour Primer. Check our cool new galleries where we use the spray, Blood Angels & Black Orcs.

There will be many more in the near future – but we will let you know…

Get more time for Gaming.
This month have a fantastic webdeal. If you are using or are intrigued by Quickshade (and who is not?), this is the deal for you.

Get one of each Quickshade tone and receive the superb Anti-Shine Matt Varnish spray absolutely free. No matter what your current or future army project will be – you will now have the tools to handle it.

Check the website for details on using Quickshade – especially our video tutorials are recommendable for beginners or experienced alike. Check them out here.

Get your army ready in record time with Quickshade. Get it here.

From the Crypt…
The Mantic Ghouls are out shortly. These corpse devouring fiends really benefit from the spray-dip-done technique – and here we bring you a sneak-peak from the upcoming gallery. In the meantime we have some awesome Heresy Ghouls for you here.

SoCal Warhammer splash-on tutorial.
More fantastic Hobby material from Pat Lowinger and his SoCal Warhammer radio team from US. This time the guys have made a very cool and extensive tutorial on how to paint your Quickshade onto your models.

Pat will take you through the step-by-steps of painting a Chaos Knight, and he promises there will be more videos featuring The Army Painter products in the future.