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New Armorcast Releases, Sales and a Return of Some Favorites

Armorcast LLC announce new releases:

From their announcement:

First off, Shawn Lux created an assortment of new bases:

SLB010 40mm Square Brick Road Bases w/ Erupting Crystals (5 pcs) $12.50
SLB009 40mm Round Techno Steeel Base w/ Erupting Crystals (3pcs) $6.75
SLB008 40mm Round Concrete Floors w/ Erupting Crystals (3pcs) $6.75
SLB007 40mm Round Techno Steel Base w/ Maggots (3pcs) $6.75
SLB006 80mm Round Techno Steel Plate Base $6.00
SLB005 80mm Round Erupting Crystal & Earth Base $6.00

Secondly We want to announce at all in stock Spinespur miniatures are 20% off and all crystal terrain is marked 10% off for the month of November.

Finally the medieval buildings have been released again.