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New Armorcast Releases Available at GenCon

Armorcast is headed to GenCon and they're bringing their new releases with them.

From the announcement:

New Products For August 2012

Armorcast Battlefield Terrain

1/285th Scale Structures

AC2005 Power Generator (2 pcs) $10.00*
AC2006 Industrial Plants (2 pcs) $10.00*
AC2007 Cooling Towers & Air Pocessing Plant (2 pcs) $10.00*
AC2008 Vents, Ducts & Power Node (3 pcs) $7.00*

*Licensed Hirst Arts Products

Lance & Laser

Post Apocolyptic Monsters

LLSF100 Mootant Cow $9.99
LLSF101 Mutant Man Slug $9.99
LLSF102 Giant Mutant Scorpion $19.99
LLSF103 Three Giant Mutant Flies $9.99
LLSF104 Mutant Zombie Bear $11.99
LLSF105 Mutant Giant Maggots $3.99

Robot Townies

BMW018 Retro Mega Bot $11.99
BMW019 Nurse Bot Ms. Crank Case $6.00
BMW020 Hooker Tranny Bot $5.00

Pimp Orcs

LLSC101 Pimp Orc w/ Cane & Pistol $9.99
LLSC102 Pimp Orc w/ Two Pistols Running $9.99
LLSC103 Pimp Orc w/ Pistol & Pimp Chalice $9.99

Steampunk Orcs

LLSP101 Dr Orcson SteamPunk Orc Investigator $9.99

Rocker Orcs

LLSF004 Punk Rock Orc Bard $9.99

Deep Sea Creatures

DRK540 Hammerhead Shark $9.99
DRK530 Dunkleoteus Armored Shark $25.00

Armorcast will be attending Gen Con and will be at Both #713. We will have limited number of new items available and we will also have these three show special miniatures:

Folder Bot - Show Special Price $5.00
Satan Bot - Show Special Price $5.00
Insane Bot - Show Special Price $5.00