New armor preview for XenoShyft

CoolMiniOrNot has posted another XenoShyft preview art piece and a bit of background for the upcoming game.

Templar Armor


From the post:

KSA “Templar” Armor was originally designed as a mobile power conduit for some of NorTec’s heavier arms, but has since been re-purposed to fit a larger range of battlefield needs. With its current generation, KSA Armor is not only capable of satisfactory protection of our battlefield troops, but also allows for “overcharging” of many of NorTec’s designer weapons via a unique Power-Overload Conduit built into its frame.

When combined with even our most basic armaments the offensive power of the user rises considerably, making the KSA “Templar” Armor one of the finest achievements of the NorTec Armory.