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New Arcadia Quest Heroes Available From CoolMiniOrNot

Yeah, Arcadia Quest Inferno might be just around the corner, but that's just the Kickstarter campaign (which you can read more about here). There's gonna be months to wait after that for the figures to make it to your doorstep. In the meantime, though, CoolMiniOrNot has some new heroes to line the ranks of your guild.

There's two two-hero packs available. The first contains Haldor and Brenna. The second has Tiaret and Mittens. Beware if you have cat allergies with the second one (not really, they are not an allergen warning). Not pictured, but also available is the Metal Coins pack. If you want to replace the cardboard tokens in your regular set with something more "jingly," then you can do that now.

You can pick all of these up now in the CMON Webshop.