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New Arcadia Quest and Rivet Wars Releases from CMON

CMON posted up 5 new releases on their website. They've got two new expansion packs for Rivet Wars in the form of Battle of Brighton (where players can take to the air) and Heavy Metal (where some of the biggest tanks in the world of Rivet can be yours to command). They also have 3 releases for Arcadia Quest, including Beyond the Grave, the first big expansion for the game, along with two new heroes, Nibbles and Zahra.
All are available now in the CMON Webshop.


From the announcement:

Dr. Spider's vile experiments in his search for immortality have unleashed the undead on the streets of Arcadia! Ghosts, zombies, and skeletons terrorize the city under the command of an ancient legend, now freed from its tomb: the Dread King! It's time for your heroes to put these monsters back where they belong: six feet underground!

In this campaign expansion for Arcadia Quest, players will pit their Guilds against the Dread King's undead horde and Dr. Spider's freaky sidekicks. Progressing through an all-new branching campaign, the Heroes will earn new weapons, equipment, abilities, and magic spells unearthed straight from the afterlife!

This expansion introduces several new mechanics to the game, including equipment that gives Heroes more power the more times they're killed, magic spells that can banish their target to the netherworld, and ghosts that can move and attack through walls. The new Tombstone cards allow Heroes to trigger all sorts of unexpected events to hinder their opponents, aid their guild, and even control the Monsters on the board!

No game master is required. Recruit your Heroes (with the addition of the Black Brothers) and dig up the loot to build unstoppable combinations and become the supreme Guild! Only you can vanquish this menace from Beyond the Grave!

Campaign Book x1
Campaign Sheet Pad x1
Double-sided Game Tiles x3
Tombstone Cards x14
Hero Cards x2
Monster Cards x36
Upgrade Cards x48
Quest Cards x14
Highly-Detailed Plastic Miniatures x 24

This Expansion Requires the Arcadia Quest: Core Game