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New Aramean Light Infantry from Warlord Games

Warlord Games continues their Hail Caesar line with new Aramean Light Infantry.

From the release:

Fresh troops for the Babylonian forces this week with the addition of these splendid Aramean light infantry…
There were more than 40 Aramaean tribes throughout Mesopotamia, especially around south western Babylonia, Uruk and the marshy Elamite border. They had some large towns, but were mainly pastoral.
Aramaean was becoming popular and would eventually replace Babylonian as the vernacular.

They wore simple felt hats and woollen kilts with a decorative border. They would carry simple wicker shields and light throwing spears, with bronze heads. Receiving no formal training, they would operate in large loose formations.

Hold on a minute! Didn’t we release Aramean Light Infantry a few weeks ago? Well, yes, er, we kind of did…

We erroneously titled the models above as light infantry whereas they should have been spearmen. As you can see, we’ve now corrected that error. Happily this means that you now have TWO new Aramean releases this week!